Power Factor Correction

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Power Factor Correction

The products in ENTES Measurement group are designed to perform analysis for the efficient use of energy by measuring electrical parameters. Multimeters, Ammeters, Voltmeters, Cos Meters, Frequency Meters, Transducers and DC  Ammeters / Voltmeters offer solutions with broad measurement ranges and support different application types. With the optional communication feature (RS-485), all measured data can be monitored remotely.

Power Factor Controllers RG / RG3 Series

With RG-T and RG-B/BS series reactive power control relays, power factor correction is done by measuring the current from single phase. These devices are preferred in systems with balanced loads. RG3 series, measure the voltage and current of the 3 phases individually thus the power factor correction in systems with unbalanced loads are done accurately. RG3-15CL/CLS series provide the exact solution for power factor correction of inductive and capacitive loads by switching both capacitors and shunt reactors.

Power Factor Controllers RG / RG3 Series

1. Measuring the capacitor power in every step automatically
2. Enabling and disabling required steps simultaneously Ability to connect single-phase and three-phase capacitors to the system together (RG3-12C/CS-RG3 15C/CS/CL/CLS)
3. Adjustable switch-on, switch-off and discharge delay times
4. Adjustable Cos value

Power Factor Controllers RG / RG3 Series

5. Selectable step number
6. 10 different program options
7. Equalizing energy values with the utility meters (RG3-12C/CS-RG3-15C/CS/CL/CLS)
8. Ability to select on/off options in power cuts (RG3-12C/CS-RG3-15C/CS/CL/CLS)
9. Energy rate ratio alarm adjustable between 1 and 240 hours

Low Voltage Power Capacitors ENT.C Series Capacitors

Smooth operation under heavy conditions
Safe operation with over pressure tear-off fuse
Self-healing ability
Durable enclosure and compact design
Operating life of 110.000 hours (130.000 hours in C100 series).
ENTES ENT.C series power capacitors are designed for heavy and poor conditions that shorten operating life during operation. The over pressure tear-off fuse prevents capacitors from exploding when their operational life ends or extreme electrical thermal strains occur. ENT.C series capacitors are produced using metalized polypropylene film with self-healing ability. ENT.C.100 series capacitors have superior durability with their ability to operate under heavy duty conditions and of 130.000 hours.
Deforming effects occur during the switching of capacitors. The inrush current of the capacitor reduces the operating life of both the switching capacitor and the other capacitors already connected. In order to avoid these negative effects capacitors should be used with capacitor duty contactors.

Shunt Reactors (Inductıve Load Reactor) ENT.ERS Series

Shunt reactors are designed to compensate the capacitive power used by long underground power lines, UPS, computers, electronic ballast, and energy saving lamps.
ENTES shunt reactors are designed in European standards to have long operating lives and endure difficult operating conditions. These devices which designed to provide inductive load requirements have the CE mark.
1. Single or three-phase, highly conductive design with air gap
2. F isolation class insulation material on the windings resistant to 155 C
3. High quality copper or aluminum windings (copper coated terminal on aluminum windings)
4. Custom designs to meet customer specifications
5. Thermal protection against overload
6. Vacuum impregnated varnish method that improves efficiency by reducing heat losses, provides protection against humidity, and enables quiet operation CE mark and compatibility with EN 61558 2-20

Detuned Filter Reactors ENT.ERH Series

1. Air gap design that minimizes the enclosure grounding resistance
2. Iron core with high magnetic permeability
3. Vacuum impregnated varnish method that improves efficiency by reducing heat losses, provides protection against humidity, and enables quiet operation
4. Thermal protection switch in the middle coil against overloading and overheating
5. CE mark and compatibility with EN 61000-2-2 and EN 61558 2-20

Line Reactors ENT.SGR Series

Entes ENT.SGR Series line reactors are used between the network and motor drives. Connecting these reactors serially between the network and motor drives provides many benefits to the system.
1. Limits the peaks that occur in the current
2. Prevents drive vibrations
3. Limits harmonic currents
4. Protects the motor drive from high voltages
5. Prolongs the system's operating lif

Capacitor Duty Contactors ENT-KT Series

ENT-KT capacitor duty contactors are two-stage contactors designed to prevent high inrush currents. With auxiliary ignition block, ENT-KT transmits inrush currents over damping resistors and enables excess currents to stay within acceptable limits. (In 2.5 and 5kVAr models, the special reinforced contact alloy enables durability against inrush currents.)
Auxiliary Contact Block
Three Phase Connection
Possibility to connect capacitors up to 60 kVAr
Coil Voltage: 220-230 VAC 50/60 Hz
In accordance with IEC-497
Long electrical life
UL Certified (12,16,20 and 25kVAr models)

Thyristor Switches SC-225 / SC-325 / SC-250 / SC-350

SC series thyristor switches are used in systems where fast-switching is required. With the use of SC series thyristor switches, capacitors can be switched on and off in a duration of 1 period (20ms). As a result, power factor correction of fast-switching loads such as spot welding machines, cranes and arc furnaces can be done effectively.

L.V. Current Transformers ENT Series

*Class 0.5 current transformers are supplied as sealed.

L.V. Current Transformers ENT Series

Split-core current transformers are used generally due to their ability to be easily mounted without detaching busbars and conductors in operating systems. 00
Operating temperature -5 C/+50 C 0 0
Storage temperature -25 C/+70 C
Thanks to their 35mm and 45mm busbar openings that comply with the standard leg width of breakers, 3-Phase current transformers offer direct installation possibility at the breaker outputs. Thereby, they significantly improve the installation times.
1. Thermal Continuous Nominal Current Icth=1.0xIn
2. Thermal Instantaneous Nominal Current Ith=60xIn, 1s
3. Maximum Operating Voltage Um: 0,72kV
4. Insulation Test Voltage 3kV, Ueff, 50Hz, 1min
5. Frequency: 50Hz Insulation Class: E
6. Standards: DIN EN 60044/1, VDE 0414-1

Current Transformer / Discharge Unit

CT Series Current Transformers provide an economical solution for energy monitoring and electrical measurements with its compact design.

Discharge Unit

DU-3 discharging unit improves capacitor operating life and prevents internal heat losses by quickly discharging the capacitors.