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Protection & Control

ENTES Protection & Control product group includes a wide range of products that offering solutions for safe operation of systems and monitoring.

Power Supply PS-242/361/362/722

PS Series power supplies provide safe and accurate DC outputs at various power ranges, increasing the productivity of your automation solutions with wide temperature ranges and adjustable output voltages.

Phase Failure Relays MKC - MKS Series

MKS-MKC phase failure relays are designed to monitor 3-phase motors against overheating and damage caused by phase faults and voltage unbalance at industrial sites.

Phase Sequence / Thermistor Relay FR-02 / PT-01

FR-02 FR-02 Phase Sequence Relay controls the order of 3 phases feeding motors. If R, S and T phases are in correct order, the ON LED on the front panel is turned on. If the phase order is wrong, the ON LED is turned off and the output relay is switched to OFF. PT-01 PT-01 Thermistor Relay is developed to protect motors with PTC. If coil temperatures in the motor exceed the value of PTC temperature limit, the output relay is automatically switched to OFF. Please refer to the following graph to see the heat characteristics of PTC at 3 different turnoff temperature degrees (110 C, 120 C,and 130 C).

Current Monitoring Relays AKC Series

AKC series Current Monitoring Relays measure system currents, and shut down systems when measured current values are below or above defined levels.

Voltage Monitoring Relays GKRC - DGRC - MCC Series

GKRC series Voltage Monitoring Relays are designed to protect single or three-phase systems against voltage changes and phase sequence faults. When the nominal voltage of any phase increases or decreases by 50%, the relay is switched to OFF without delay.
DGRC series voltage protection relay is designed to protect single or three-phase systems in cases of permanent voltage drops.

Liquid Level Controller SSRC-04

SSRC-04 is used for controlling liquid levels in wells and liquid tanks at industrial sites. Precision (resistivity/impedance between electrodes) can be adjusted between 5 and 50 kΩ for different liquids.

Multifunctional Time Relays MCB-100/200 - ERTC-100 Series

New Generation Multifunctional Digital Time Relays;
Self Supply: Operating with internal battery without power supply (MCB-200)
Battery life of 10 years or 1,000,000 switching (MCB-200)
Easy setup with user-friendly menu
In addition to its main functions, offering flexible solutions that are tailored to objective with trigger-controlled rich sub-functions
With memory feature, saving time and state information in the memory when supply is cut off, and resuming on when supply is back
Performing functions based on real time clock with its digital time setting

Time Relays MCB - SER - ERTC - SSR - DG Series

ENT-KT capacitor duty contactors are two-stage contactors designed to prevent high inrush currents. With auxiliary ignition block, ENT-KT transmits inrush currents over damping resistors and enables excess currents to stay within acceptable limits. (In 2.5 and 5kVAr models, the special reinforced contact alloy enables durability against inrush currents.)
Auxiliary Contact Block
Three Phase Connection
Possibility to connect capacitors up to 60 kVAr
Coil Voltage: 220-230 VAC 50/60 Hz
In accordance with IEC-497
Long electrical life
UL Certified (12,16,20 and 25kVAr models)

Astronomic Time Relays Electronic Timers DTR Series / MCB-50/50t

Automatic sunset and sunrise calculation
Automatic DST (Daylight Saving Time) switching
Programming based on city name and geographical coordinates
2 relay outputs (16A)
Battery life of 10 years 32 programs, and precise timing
24/7 relay programming
Vacation mode
Backlight Display
Password Protection

Daylight Switches FG Series

FG series daylight switches control lighting systems according to environmental light levels.

Overcurrent Monitoring Relays CKR Series

CKR series combine overcurrent relays and reverse/independent time relays in a single device. These relays are used to protect transformers, motors, generators, and energy transmission lines in the energy distribution system against short circuits and grounding faults. In order to provide top level protection, "selective protection" should be implemented. The main purpose of the selective protection is to limit the fault at minimum and disconnect as soon as possible.

Control Transformers ENT.PST Series

ENTES control transformers ensure safe operation of devices with their 24 VAC output voltage. In addition to products with 230 or 400 V constant voltage inputs, transformers with alternate input voltages (400; 230+15-15) are available. Control transformers are designed for continuous operation under 50 C ambient temperature. All ENTES control transformers have mark and are compatible with EN standards.

Isolating Transformers ENT.IST Series

ENTES isolation transformers enable safe operation of devices by isolating the secondary part from the primary voltage. Isolation transformers have constant input and output voltages. (230V or 400V) They are generally used at places requiring galvanic isolation and to obtain a star point in networks without star points. All isolation transformers have mark and are compatible with EN standards.