Remote Monitoring Hardware and Software

Power Quality and Energy

Remote Monitoring Hardware and Software

ENTES Remote Monitoring Solutions enable the measured electrical parameters to be tracked and analyzed from a single center. With this method, a high number of devices can be accessed and controlled over the Internet with Ethernet and GPRS. With "Entbus Pro" and "Entbus Plus" software, parameters on remote locations can be analyzed and compared in graphic display. These systems can track power factor correction, compare energy consumptions on different locations, and improve energy costs. Also all measurements can be read from a single monitoring center with Entbus software.

Remote Monitoring Softwar Entbus Pro

System Architecture
R ENTBUS Pro software can be
utilized in two ways.
Application Model 1: Users can install
the software on their own server.
The software is installed in users server.
The data are collected by running the
software on intranet or web.
The user can modify the settings of own
devices also can analyze the data
and perform reports..

Remote Monitoring Softwar Entbus Pro

Application Model 2: Users can run software over
In this application, the software is installed on the ENTES server. The users can identify their devices to the ENTES server without installing a software, purchasing a server, or using extra workforce.
These data are stored and processed on the ENTES server. The users can connect to the ENTES server over the web ( at any time, reach their data with their own password, analyze these data, and receive the reports.


EMG-02 / EMG-12
RS-485 / Ethernet Modem
Ethernet / RS-485 Modbus Gateway for communication with MODBUS compatible devices via Internet (WAN) and Intranet (LAN).

RS-485 USB Converter

Used for computer communication between devices and RS-485 / USB Converter.
Supports USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 / 300-115.200 bps transfer rate 
Automatic flow control for RS-485 Minimum 3000 VDC isolation 
Activation LED 
Can be powered from a USB port and does not requireexternal supply. 
Automatic "transfer rate" definition ESD (Electro-static discharge) protection
RPT-1 RS-485 Repeater
Variable transfer rate 300,...9600,...115k Variable Data Format

GPRS Modems GEM-05 / GEM-10 / GEM-10SH

GEM-05 GPRS/Modbus Gateway (modem), enables accessing to devices that communicate with Modbus protocol over GPRS. With Gem-05, users can perform Modbus TCP communication over GPRS. GEM-10 GPRS/Modbus Gateway (modem) enables accessing to devices that communicate with Modbus protocol over GPRS or Ethernet network. With GEM-10, users can perform Modbus TCP communication over GPRS or Ethernet as well as use these two connection options as backups for each other. GEM-10SH, can read energy meters that support IEC 62056-61 OBIS (Object Identification System) protocol over the serial port. GEM-10SH is designed to read utility meters from a single center with Entbus software.

Modem RTUGEM-15

GEM-15 modem RTU, is a device that can use GPRS and Ethernet infrastructures as backups for each other for communication with advanced I/O features. It performs control operations by remotely monitoring values such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and electrical parameters with its analog and digital inputs/outputs. It can communicate with all devices using Modbus RTU protocol, read information stored in their registers, assign alarms individually, and develop a control mechanism depending on all of these. With its software, it can be remotely configured, its analog and digital inputs can be monitored, and reports can be created for analysis. It sends user-defined alarms as SMS with its onboard SIM card.

Pulse Concentrator EPC-12

1. Data collection from electricity, water and gas meters
2. 12 different meter inputs
3. Defining 8 different tariffs for each of the weekdays, Saturday, Sunday, and other holidays
4. DST (Daylight Saving Time) feature
5. RS-485 communication
Configuration Software:
1. With the help of the configuration software, all device parameters can be modified and all consumption values (electricity, water, natural gas) measured by the device can be displayed on computer screen.
2. All device settings can be modified
3. Instant value page
3. Tariff based total consumption
4. Access to log records