About Us

is an incorporated company in Nigeria whose main business is high quality and durable industrial electrical material, technical and machine tools both sales, supply, installation, maintenance  and services etc
Since the year 2007, we are incorporated as industrial and technical company in Nigeria, quality and durability has been our life style in our field of endeavour and these are the major reasons why our customers keep on patronizing us in all the areas that relates us together as business partners. In addition, more customers are introduced to us through them.
In our company, we have high knowledgeable engineers and technicians who are great experts in different field of their specialization and good management staff who work in different department of the company to ensure maximum satisfaction of our customers and for rapid growth and development of our company.
Finally, patronizing us in any of the field of our specialization is one of the major steps required from you to take to be convinced the more that we are established for your maximum satisfaction.

Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers

Din Rail Type Flush or Surface electrical single phase 8ways distribution board


Electric Fuse

This series fuse is suitable for AC 50Hz, rated voltage to 1000V, rated current to 800A. It is mainlly used for protecting the electrical circuit against overload and short-circuit (bG/gL) in electric installation

Low Voltage Fuse RT16

Plastic Manhole Boxes


AC Contactor

Series Ac contactors are suitable in electrical system with Ac 50/60Hz, rated operational voltage up to 660V. In AC-3 usage, rated operational voltage up to 380, rated operational current up to 630A to make or break remote motor or system.